Change Management

“Intercultural misconceptions and misinterpretations in the field of international acquisitions and mergers of companies result in enormous costs. Various studies estimate that between 45% and 75% of all mergers fail because of diverse business culture in the enterprises concerned.

A failed cross-cultural communication can lead to misunderstandings between business associates as they don’t perceive each other as partners. In order to create positive contributions intercultural communication has to provide added value.

Source: Global J. of Engng. Educ., Vol.7, No.3 2003 UICEE Published in Australia

We offer you accompaniment of change management processes, for example post merger integration, implementation of new strategies, structures, processes or behavioural patterns in organisations and enterprises.

Post merger integration is the most critical phase in a merger. The main reason for the failure of a vast number of mergers often lies in the difference of the business cultures and the inability to successfully unite them.

Changes which go along with every merger are often associated with uncertainty and often even fear for the future and, therefore, perceived as danger by those involved. During our accompaniment of international change management processes we meet those apprehensions by involving the people concerned at an early stage and thus turning them into participants. The greater the chance to participate, the stronger the readiness for change. If one does not succeed in inducing such readiness, the project will be doomed to failure because of irrational opposition of the workforce.

By making use of adequate active participation the stakeholders are being prepared for upcoming changes so that they are enabled to enter the process with motivation and with the necessary confidence.

For a successful realisation of management changes processes we can offer you
  • Cross-cultural management training
  • cross-cultural team workshops
  • Cross-cultural coaching
  • Country-specific consultancy/Online guidance
  • Mediation between conflicting international parties