Cross-Cultural Management Training

Today’s globalisation demands, often unexpectedly, a multitude of new core competence. It can happen to an executive with long-standing national management experience that he will not be accepted abroad due to his lack of cross-cultural skills, resulting in the company’s targets not being achieved.

In this seminar we will discuss culture-specific patterns of communication, ways of thinking, work methodology, planning strategies and various management styles which we will then subsequently analyse to see whether they require change and adaptation in an international context. Differing requirements for leading cross-cultural teams are examined in order to prepare the participants for their specific management tasks to the optimum.

  • Basics of cultural differences
  • Dismantling prejudices and stereotypes
  • The significance of emotions in other cultures
  • Understanding mindsets and work methodology of other cultures
  • Management styles in other cultures
  • Identifying stress factors and conflicts, developing strategies to meet the challenges
  • Cultural differences as a chance for change

Target group:

Executives and junior staff preparing themselves for postings abroad or the leadership of intercultural teams or project groups