Intercultural Team Workshop

Working in international teams and project groups is often complicated due to unnecessary conflict. When staff from different cultures, divisions of the enterprise, subsidiaries or merged companies come together, the perceptions of optimal cooperation are often totally divergent. This negatively affects the productivity and motivation of the staff.

This workshop aims to illustrate differences and similarities, to overcome potential conflict and to promote motivation and cooperation, as there are often different ideas concerning the right work habits in a team, often determined by own upbringing and cultural origin. Many employees have difficulties in recognising contrasting styles of leadership and reacting correspondingly. This workshop provides an ideal opportunity to make pro-active use of conflicts which arise due to cultural differences.

Focal points of the workshop are
  • Identifying differing aims and expectations
  • Differentiation of meeting culture: solution-oriented or exchange of information
  • How should the team be led?
  • Cultural synergies due to mutual communication, planning and working levels
  • Mutual experience through case studies

Target groups
Foreign and German executives and specialist personnel working together in international teams and project groups