We understand coaching as a target-related accompaniment of change proccesses based upon discretion, trust and appreciation. The coaching partners work together face-to-face as an efficient team, whereby the coach takes over the responsibility for the structure and the process, while the client being coached as an expert for his own situation supplies the respective conceptual information.

Target-oriented questions from the coach ensure the transformation of the client’s issue into a motivating goal thus mutually developing a suitable strategy to achieve same. A successful strategy integrates all objections and considers adverse effects, risks and costs of changes as well as a timely feasibility of the development process.

Coaching topics can either deal with business or private issues.

Should you consider consulting a coach we would be glad to discuss the parameters of the change you wish to achieve in a personal dialogue.

Intercultural coaching

Any cooperation between people from different cultures and with very contrasting views on work methodology, planning strategies and style of leadership possesses great synergy potential. Foreign postings, working in a multicultural group or the leadership of a team with foreign nationals present a huge challenge whereby, however, the “cultural factor” is often underestimated.

Intercultural training is a stepping stone into the views and mindset of other cultures and serves to promote awareness of ones own cultural behaviour and attitudes. Specific questions and problems of the participants of such training can, however, not always be taken into account and the knowledge imparted cannot be deepened due to restrictions of time schedules. Personality and previous experiences often remain unconsidered.

In order to intensify cross-cultural training, intercultural coaching becomes increasingly important. It provides the opportunity to work on the client’s specific issues individually and solution-oriented.