Country-specific training

Culture specific preparatory courses for German managers and personnel

Training Targets
Our training courses prepare the participants to either lead international teams or to work within them. We enable them to detect and minimise specific cultural pitfalls and recognise synergy potentials.

  • Introduction into the structure of the particular culture and its country-specific standards
  • Communication, work methodology and planning strategies of the specific country
  • Clarification of cultural differences by means of case studies
  • Mutual development of an individual plan of action
Target Cultures
France, Spain, England, Italy, Poland, Russia, USA, China, Japan, India, Latin American and Arab countries
Other countries on request

Target Groups
  • Executives leading teams or project groups of the respective culture
  • Employees and people working together with teams or project groups of the respective culture
    or being in contact with same.

Terms for in-house training
The number of participants as well as course duration, prices and dates will be adapted to your individual requirements.