Culture Awareness Seminars

Our culture awareness seminar is a comprehensive cultural training session during which the participants develop awareness for the influence of the surrounding culture on their own behaviour. This is the basis to be able to open up to other cultures and mentalities and to find ways to develop and improve international cooperation by broading ones own behavioural repertoire.

Seminar Topics
  • Influence and importance of culture and values
  • Stereotypes and prejudices
  • Importance and impact of direct and non-verbal communication
  • Time perception, work methodology and planning strategies
  • Early recognition of potential conflict situations
  • Differing management styles

Beforehand and on request we carry out an “Intercultural characteristics analysis” for an own assessment and for comparison with other cultures.

Seminar Targets
Encouraging ones own ability for change
Broadening the behavioural repertoire
Improving the structure of relationships and forms of communication with other cultures

Target Groups
Supervisory personnel heading international teams and project groups wishing to become acquainted with differing cultural standards as well as raising ones awareness for their own culture in order to improve the cooperation in their teams.

Employees working in international teams and/or having foreign superiors.

Terms for in-house training
The number of participants as well as course duration, prices and dates will be adapted to your individual requirements.