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Claudia Cottel
Claudia Cottel-Reeder

In times of globalisation it becomes increasingly important for a company acting internationally not only to overcome language barriers but also to understand the cultural background and thus the different mentalities in respect of conduct and teamwork.

In order to work together successfully intercultural communication must be based on appreciation, trust and understanding. Diverging expectations concerning the style of conduct, team or project management does deprive the company of a lot of time and energy, thus causing unnecessary costs. Cross-cultural competence and effective communication skills are the prerequisite for successful negotiations and business abroad.

Culture Plus supports you globally, comprehensively and efficiently! We don’t only offer you our cross-cultural expertise, training and coaching know-how, but also our relocation services. A comprehensive service from start to finish!

Overview of our services

  • Language Training
    We offer customised language training for management and personnel in order to optimise their linguistic profile and language skills in international business.
  • Cross-cultural Training
    We offer training and coaching for management and personnel acting internationally to build up and boost their cross-cultural competence.
  • Change Management
    Furthermore we offer coaching, consultancy and training to accompany change management processes on an international scale.
  • Translations
    We offer translations in all prevalent languages.
  • Relocation Services
    Our relocation services will help your personnel to find their way in a foreign environment. We will support them in all bureaucratic affairs, flat hunting and all other administrative and personal affairs.

A thorough needs analysis as well as a joint evaluation is self-understood. We always strive for the best possible solution and to put this into practice in close cooperation with the company and the people concerned.