There are quite considerable costs involved in bringing a member of staff into a foreign country. The advantages of our comprehensive relocation services enable your employee to concentrate on his new job from the very beginning and that his family can also quickly adapt to the new environment. The extent of the support will be matched to the individual requirements.

Bureaucratic regulatory affairs
  • Registration at the residents registration office
  • Application for an income tax card
  • Application for a residents permit and work permit (for non-EU citizens)
  • Support in applying for a Visa (if required)
  • Application for child benefit
  • Transferring driving licenses to be accepted by German law / support in acquiring a driving license
  • Car registration
  • Recommendation of insurance brokers

Accomodation and supply of utilities
  • Support in house or flat hunting (coordination of viewing appointments,
    assessment of hand over reports and rental agreements)
  • Pre-selection of suitable accomodation
  • Application for energy provider, GEZ (central radio and television toll collecting agency
  • Application for telephone and telecommunication

Further assistance available for
  • airport and hotel pick ups, car rental bookings
  • orientation tours of the city
  • the search for suitable schools and kindergardens
  • opening a bank account
  • support in the search for special sport and leasure activities
  • information concerning cultural events
  • mediation of legal advisors
Please request an offer. The prices will be determined by the extent of our services.